C. S. Lewis on Friendship at First Sight

I consistently enjoy Spiritual Friendship, but this one struck a special chord with me. One of the deep themes of The Unaccountable Death of Derelict Frobisher is the sense of isolation that comes from thinking there’s nobody else in the world who really gets you or likes what you like.

These glimpses of another person who understands—these moments of friendship at first sight—cut through that isolation. I suspect introverts may experience this particularly strongly. When it’s hard to connect in general, a deep and instant connection is a precious gift, especially when it proves to have staying power over the years. I love this reminder to honor the depth and reality of those friendships.

Plus I’m a sucker for C. S. Lewis and Narnia. But who isn’t?

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  1. That post made a big impact on me too. I’m incredibly thankful for my dear Amanda, my soulmate/life partner/kindred spirit/BFF, emphasis on the “forever”. We’re different in many ways, but our souls are made of the same material and we could feel it when we met almost 5 years ago. It’s mainly because of her that I don’t believe humans are doomed to utter isolation until the afterlife. I mean, sure, mostly we are. But there are rays of light!

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