The Unaccountable Death of Derelict Frobisher

Whiteboard Map Trimmed“Dead suffrage will be the defining struggle of our generation, you mark my words.”

A laugh-out-loud fantasy mystery set in the cozy, tangled, airships-and-clickworks settlement of Cairn Crandular.

Derelict Frobisher thinks he’s been murdered. And he might be right.

Professor Hastily Dobbs investigates with the help of an uexpected band of allies:

  • Pu-Tze, the incomprehensible and sagacious proprietor of a nearby tea garden
  • Father Muddling, a priest who spends more time at the pub than the temple
  • Solon Quillings, the shy but idealistic student who has taken Mr. Frobisher as a role model
  • Rainier Hofflepog, leader of a snootling union who have been kicked out of their smokeworks

But what started as a curious philosophical inquiry soon becomes a matter of—well, life and death as a dead-rights movement spirals out of control and shadowy forces make a play for the Oligarchy of Cairn Crandular.

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