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Last Chance To Get The January Bonus Bundle!

I’m giving my patrons* a bundle of sweet extra content this month. Become a patron and you can get it too!

Sign-up deadline for this bundle is January 31, so be quick.

This month’s bundle starts with a brief history of the moustache as told by the Dream World Collective‘s resident geek, Otto van Muenster. Sure to be highly entertaining and inaccurate. Pledge a little extra for even more fun content—kitchen adventures, character profiles, and more!


We’re only $5 away from getting the bundle upgraded for everyone! Double the Otto, double the edification!

You could put us over the goal and make the difference for everyone.

Double plus!

Starting now, if you refer new patrons you’ll get a boost to your own level—get swanky-level perks with a starter-level pledge!

Only 3 days left! Time is of the essence!

And whether you’re a patron or not, thank you for being here with me. You guys are the best and I’m so happy to have you in on the adventure!



* What’s a patron?

Patrons are my brilliant friends and supporters who have made a financial pledge at Patreon.com for each 15-20 page chunk of The Dream World Collective I release in final form, about 2-4 per month.

Patron support helps me cover production costs (like cover art) and get great stories out faster to more people who will love them. You can set a monthly maximum if you’re on a budget, and you’ll get fun bonus content and other perks. Go to Patreon.com/byfaroe to learn more or become a patron.

Thank you! I’m really excited to have you in on this with me.

If You Could Request One Favor From Your Favorite Author…

Ok, everyone, pick one of your favorite authors. I know, it’s impossible to pick just one. You can do this a few times if you really have to. But one author at a time. Ready with your first one?

Now imagine that author is willing to create, reveal, write, or do something special for you and your fellow readers and you get to pick what it is. What would you ask for? (And, out of curiosity, who’s the author?)

Personally, I’d ask P. G. Wodehouse to develop a board or card game that captures the fun and hijinks of Jeeves & Wooster. I’d ask Terry Pratchett for a sort of travel guide to Ankh-Morpork, complete with descriptions of notable shops and guilds and what you would find there. And, while it’s technically not scalable and would do my fellow readers no good, I’d ask C. S. Lewis for a long chat in a pub with a few good friends.

What about you? Leave me a comment below.