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Changing The Rules *Is* The Game

In case it hasn’t been sufficiently established, I’m a geek. Maybe you are too. Among other things, I’m perenially fascinated by self-referential humor and reflexivity.


Source: xkcd.com/917

And emergent behavior, and self-modifying systems. And storytelling. And harnessing competitive urges to create collective benefits.1

And game design.

That’s where this all comes together today. I’m in an experimental mood, so, inspired ultimately by Nomic2 and more recently by GC Gamers Connect and TGIK Games, I present a tiny experimental self-modifying game right here in my own comments. Mind. Blown.

Seriously, though. I’d love to see how this plays out, so if you’re at all interested please take a quick look and join the game in the comments section below.



1 A good trade is a simple example. Each person thinks he’s getting the better end of the bargain, and somehow everybody wins.

2 A game where changing the rules is a move, invented in 1982 by philosopher Peter Suber.